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Shop for what you need from Freetown and we will deliver directly to you on Site. 

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Search through our readily available items and place your order. Then sit back and wait for us to do the magic. If an you item you seek is not displayed, fill our special order form and we arrange it for you.


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Wherever you are, you can place your orders from the comfort of your couch or desk and continue with what you are doing…


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We offer you the best items on the market at competitive pricing.


Direct Delivery to SIte

Our current delivery arrangements are Marampa Mines (Lunsar) and delivery is scheduled for 5pm every Friday. We are working on deliveries to other sites as well.

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Check our site frequently for deals and promos

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Weekly delivery schedules on Fridays at 5pm


Our mobile app is coming soon.

Best Delivery

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Cheaper Delivery rate


Affordable delivery rates


Delivery cost to site per order

Delivery Price

Starts from 50,000.00 Le

First Delivery


100s of Products

A wide variety of products to choose from. If your desired product is unavailable, we will look for it for you in other shop

Partnered with Stores in Freetown

We have partnered the major players in grocery supply in Freetown.

Delivery to Site on schedule

We have fixed weekly delivery to Lunsar on Fridays. We accept emergency deliveries too

Orders can be updated before delivery

You can add or subtract from your orders before delivery. T&Cs apply

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Frequently Asked

Do you ship to all sites?

For now, we are shipping weekly to Marampa Mines, Lunsar. Once we have enough signups from other sites, we will arrange shipping to that site. Be sure to tell your colleagues to join to bring the service to your site.

Can I order frozen products?

Yes! We take your orders seriously and there will only take out your frozen product out of the freezer just before we start the journey and we add ice to the chest that is carrying it. If you want us to thaw it before sending to you, we can do that as well under the best and hygienic conditions.

Do you offer returns?

Yes but the customer pays for delivery both ways. 

Can I update an order once placed?

Yes you can. Once Delivery has not been done. you can call us to change or even cancel the once it has not been dispatched.

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Signup here for the service and go through our carefully selected products catalogue and choose all you need whiles onsite and we will deliver them to you. Payment is as easy as using your debit or credit card or thorough AfriMoney or Orange Money. Mobile app coming soon.


Bringing you all the quality groceries you need to the comfort of your abode on site. Sit back, relax, shop on this website or our mobile app and we will deliver to you on Friday.